NCCCA - North Carolina College Counseling Association


North Carolina College Counseling Association. NCCCA are counseling professionals working with all aspects of helping the students and staff within a collegiate setting.


$10 per Person

2020-2021 Officers

President:  Hilary Lucas  [email protected]
Past President: Kimberly Werth

We are seeking individuals who are interested in serving on the Executive Council in the roles of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Representatives, and Student Representative!  Please email Hilary if you are interested!

Our Mission

NCCCA is an Association for those persons in higher education to include colleges, universities, community and technical college settings, whose professional identity is counseling and whose purpose is fostering students’ development. NCCCA strives to support and enhance the practice of college counseling, to promote ethical and responsible professional practice, to promote communication and exchange among college counselors across service areas and institutional settings, to encourage cooperation with other organizations related to higher education and college student development, and to provide leadership and advocacy for the profession of counseling in higher education.